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The EcoBallast system consists of mainly filter unit, UV reactor, cleaning unit, and its control unit.

The filter unit can significantly reduce the sediment load from the ballast water and also remove marine organisms (size > 50 μm).

The UV reactor which was specially designed for the EcoBallast system to reduce space and to maximize its efficiency employs high-intensity, medium-pressure ultra-violet lamps.

To ensure full treatment, the ballast water must be treated both during ballasting and de-ballasting.

It means that the ballast water is treated again to destroy any organisms during de-ballasting which might have re-grown in the tanks during the voyage.

CIP(cleaning in-place) unit is an automatic service device that cleans the quartz sleeves covering the UV-lamps after each ballasting or de-ballasting operation.

This operation is done to avoid deposit from seawater contaminates which would otherwise reduce the treatment efficiency of the UV reactor.

EcoBallast System Flow diagram(TYPICAL)