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Our Objective

Development of eco-friendly welding consumables
  • 1) Low Fume
  • 2) Low Mn
  • 3) Low Spatter
  • 4) Self-Shielded Flux Cored Wire
Development of high performance welding consumables
  • 1) Extreme low temperature service consumables with good CTOD
  • 2) High tensile strength & High endurance consumables for Offshore plants
  • 3) Extreme low hydrogen consumables
Development of high efficient welding consumables
  • 1) Electro gas welding consumables
  • 2) Metal Cored Wire for High speed applications
Development of new steel grade related welding consumables
  • 1) Development of Self shield EGW for plant storage tank
  • 2) Development of high tensile strength FCW
  • 3) Development of welding consumables for offshore structures for S500, S550, S690
  • 4) Development of consumables for automation, high efficiency, high speed, weight lightening and new welding process