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Pohang R&D Center


Hyundai Welding Pohang R&D center, We are focusing on the development of welding solutions in order to meet our customer’s needs because we believe that needs of customers is the top priority. Since the foundation of institute in 1997, we research and develop welding consumables such as Stick electrodes, Submerged arc (SAW), Solid wire, Flux cored wire (FCW), TIG wire, Nickel alloy welding consumables.

Implement technology research with major companies through sharing of technology and we are establishing strategy based on the information of competitors and major international companies using our overseas branches.

In addition, take advantage of accumulated know-how, we are developing high functional, eco-friendly, high efficiency products and providing international AS / BS, technical support to our customers to be better company.

We are trying our utmost to get the best results on improving productivity, cost reduction, development of new products and focusing on development of products which can lead market trend.

Seongnam R&D Center


Adjacent to metropolitan, Seongnam R&D Center have been doing research and development that meets the needs of customers and at the same time shows new trend to customers. Especially, We are concentrating on the development of state-of-the-art & high value and special products.

We are doing research and development welding consumables for offshore, Power generation, Petrochemical plants requiring for special high function, cryogenic, high-strength and extremely low hydrogen.

In addition, We are trying to provide quick service by performing internal & external training and on-site support.

Furthermore, we are developing not only welding consumables, but also High-performance, high-efficiency LNG Tank Digital Inverter Pulse Mig welding, non-ferrous metals for welding equipment, Robot welding equipment suitable for automotive applications coping with change in market.

Seongnam Institute research & develop both welding consumables and welding equipment so that it can be the total welding maker. We will be the No.1 welding brand by solving the customer’s problems and giving them the best solution about welding.

Icheon R&D Center


Icheon R&D center instituted in 2001, continuously research and develop the welding equipment such as SCR, Inverter, Automatic, spot welding equipment.

We are trying to get the best technology cooperating with major research center to improve its own technology.
And we are running shop around the clock for supplying for optimized welding equipment. In addition, we contributes to welding industries by providing its own products.

Furthermore, We research from the customer's perspective and do various tests to develop high quality, reliable welding equipment.