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Field of Research

Development of welding consumables
  • 1) Consumables optimized for low temperature, High tensile, heat resistance steels
  • 2) Special consumables for Shipbuilding, Offshore, Construction, Nuclear, Power plants
  • 3) Improved consumables for Shipbuilding, Steel structures, Construction, Heavy equipment, Automotive
  • 4) Development of technical total solution for new grades, new materials and new method for welding
  • 5) Eco-friendly, High toughness consumables
Development of welding equipment
  • 1) Stable arc performance and guaranteed crack-resistant equipment
  • 2) Development of low power consumption and High productivity equipment
  • 3) Development of time controller for robot spot equipment
  • 4) Development of rectifier for BWMS
Welding Technology Research
  • 1) Feeding characteristic research through arc monitoring
  • 2) Research for improvement of welding consumables through mechanical property test and analysis
  • 3) Research on weld zone in accordance with welding parameter