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 The HiBallast system is a Ballast Water Treatment System  that employs aqueous chlorine which is produced by seawater electrolysis.

 Total residual chlorine will be dissolved to the water  and then converted to hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ion,  which have been widely used for disinfection such as prevention of the  marine organisms’ growth and sterilization of drinking water or  wastewater.

Especially, side-stream (in-direct) method for electrolysis’  arrangement is hired in order to produce high concentration (but, not  more than 1,000 mg/l) of disinfectant, free chlorine and its derivatives  from seawater, and then it will be directly injected into the ballast pipe  during ballasting.

 Generated chlorine and its derivatives will disinfect marine organisms  and their final concentration will meet regulation requirements.

 The remaining hypochlorite concentration will be significantly lower than  initial doses because the neutralization agent will be injected  before de-ballasting in order to remove any remaining oxidant  that might have harmful effect when discharged without neutralization.

Flow diagram for ballasting (typical)

Flow diagram for de-ballasting (typical)