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We are a welding solutions company who provides cutting-edge welding technologies to our customers’ welding demands.
For four decades, Hyundai Welding has been supporting Korea’s most successful industries through partnerships in the Automotive, Shipbuilding, Offshore, EPC, Power Generation, and Construction sectors of the South Korean economy.
Hyundai Welding has helped Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors to increase their productivity and to lower costs by providing optimal welding solutions - supporting their recent global successes as their premier welding partner. Hyundai Welding Products USA offers the original Ball Pac system and know-how to support US manufacturing.

Furthermore, Hyundai Welding is working very closely with the world’s No. 1 shipbuilding and heavy industry companies, such as, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries, DSME, Doosan Heavy Industries etc. to develop the most competitive welding solutions for all of their customers’ welding needs.

As a result, Hyundai’s flux cored wire is recognized as one of the world’s best quality wires and we are proud that our products have helped our customers to become some of the world’s top rated companies in a variety of industry sectors.
Recently, Hyundai Welding has successfully developed a variety of welding solutions for the Energy sector, which demand high quality and assurance of performance.
For Offshore Plants, LNG/LPG Storage Tanks, Intercontinental Gas Pipeline Installation and Power Plants, including Nuclear and Wind Power, Hyundai Welding offers specially designed welding consumables and equipment which includes high Nickel Alloy, Stainless Steel, Duplex, and Heat-Resistant Steel products.

These high quality consumables are designed for low hydrogen levels, strict residual management, guaranteed impact value under extreme weather conditions and manufactured with special production programs to supply the best performance with consistency to our customers.
Hyundai Welding Products USA is also providing their experience and know-how to the Shipbuilding, Offshore Plants, Oil & Gas, and Energy sectors in the USA, to keep them up-to-date with the latest welding solutions.

We value the voices from the field the most, where the actual welding takes place.
We listen carefully to our customers’ needs and respond promptly.
We develop new solutions for our customers through communicating with them.
We promise consistent quality for our customers from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

We, have passion and take pride in our welding products.
This is the DNA of Hyundai Welding’s global success and how we manage to provide the best value to our customers. This makes Hyundai Welding one of the world’s fastest growing welding consumable companies.

We truly hope to serve you, grow together, and to share in our success, together.

About Hyundai Welding Vietnam


Founded in 2006, the Representative Office in Hanoi is the bridge of Vietnamese customers with Hyundai Welding. Thanks to the high quality products and enthusiastic dedication of our employees , Hyundai Welding is one of the leading suppliers of structural steel industry and shipbuilding . Recognizing the importance of Vietnam market in 2008 Hyundai Welding has built factories here. Thousands of tons of cored wires are provided to customers every year to show our commitment to a bright future in Vietnam.

Our experts regularly visit customers, listen at the scene and give technical support to ensure all welding work smooth cut.
The research center and develop a global workforce and our class focused on enhancing customer value through the exchange of new trends in the field of welding to support the product development new products.

We always strive to become a pioneer in providing products and services with unsurpassed quality for the maritime industry, oil and gas, construction and shipbuilding increase customer value on both forward their waiting.

Hyundai Welding is welding choice for your insight.

About Hyundai Welding Singapore

Established in 1994, comprised of a market-leading portfolio of best-in-class brands, the business of Hyundai Welding Singapore work together to provide premium performance delivered through a breadth of welding solutions to our global customers.

Our team of welding professionals is visiting each of our customers, on a regular basis, in order to listen to the voices in the field and to provide technical support to make sure that all welding operations go smoothly.

Our world-class workforce and global R&D centers are focused on creating customers value by communicating very closely on the latest welding industry trends to assist in our new product development.

We strive to be global leader in providing products and services of unsurpassed quality for the marine, oil and gas industries, adding value to all of our clients as well as exceeding their expectations.

Hyundai Welding is the best choice for your welding needs.