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Featured Products

  • SM-70

    SM-70 is a premium S6 wire manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. Formulated from a single source supply of raw materials, our SM-70 performs consistently regardless of which of our factories produced it. The SM-70 is available in spools and our patented Ball Pac, which our customers say is the “best feeding drum system they’ve ever used”.
  • SM-70S

    SM-70S is our S3 wire for those customers requiring lower silicon and manganese content for their welding applications.
    SM-70S is manufactured to the same high standards as our SM70 and is also available in the Ball Pac as well as 33 and 44 pound spools.
  • SM-308LSi

    SM-308LSi is an austenitic stainless steel wire providing excellent arc stability, base metal assimilability and corrosion resistance for MIG welding applications. It is the perfect solution for welding low carbon 18%Cr-8%Ni steels. It’s high silicon content provides excellent fluidity and lower spatter generation.